Advantages of having the sanitizer dispenser in car

Product's description:

  PuriRide provides you with two useful products, an air vent hand sanitizer dispenser and a back seat hand sanitizer dispenser, within an affordable range so that you can travel safe and sound.


  If you are travelling on a long way with your family or you are driving your cab/taxi to pick and drop passengers from one place to another, it is necessary to wash or sanitize hands during this time. Using soap or a bottle of sanitizer is not enough for this purpose. You need a proper solution to help you anytime and anywhere. For this purpose, you need the sanitizer dispenser in your car that is refillable and PuriRide provides you with two such worthwhile products, one is an air vent sanitizer dispenser that can be used by the driver or the person sitting on the front seat and the other one is the back seat hand sanitizer dispenser used by the people sitting on the back seat of the car.

  Moreover, in these days of pandemic, where you are at the risk of getting infected by the Corona Virus, you need to either wash or sanitize your hands many a time. While travelling in your car you cannot wash your hands but there is possibility of sanitizing them. Whereas, the bottle of sanitizer will not be profitable. So, the sanitizer dispenser helps you a lot because it spreads the sanitizer evenly on the hands and does not waste it away. In this way, you save yourself from the contact with the dangerous viruses as well as use the sanitizer wisely.

Necessity of sanitizing hands:

 The hands can be the primary organ to spread germs as we use them to eat, drink and to hold different things. Furthermore, we touch our eyes, nose, mouth as well as we touch many things with our hands. This contact of our hands with different things and then with our own body parts like eyes and nose can cause several diseases if there are viruses and bacteria on them. Therefore, we need to wash or sanitize our hands from time to time, before eating anything or after touching anything that can have germs on it. In addition, we need to wash or sanitize them properly if we use the toilet. Hence, a sanitizer dispenser becomes highly recommend in the car or cab where we cannot wash our hands again and again by stopping at the special spots. Even if we wash our hands at public spots during a long journey, we need to sanitize them properly to avoid the contact with the germs.

Importance of sanitizer dispenser:

The health of a person needs first and foremost attention especially in these times of pandemic like Covid-19. If the people in your cab have dirty hands and they touch seats and doors with them, it can be dangerous for you, those people as well as for others who will sit in the cab after them. So, you need to install the sanitizer dispenser in your cab for your safety and the well being of others. If you neglect this issue, it can cause threat to your own health and the health of your family too whenever they will sit in the cab for travelling.

            Especially, the back seat hand sanitizer dispenser is more useful because if you drive a cab or taxi the people travelling with you can sanitize their hands quickly and easily through it. They need not ask for the sanitizer again and again. It can be used by more people since it fits in the back seat of the car. Moreover, this dispenser is easy to use and it eliminates your worry about catching germs after you drop the ride. Similarly, it looks elegant to have these dispensers in your car or cab. So, it becomes both healthy and classy at the same time.


Why an automatic sanitizer dispenser?


An automatic sanitizer dispenser is more suitable for a car or cab since it avoids the touch and it fits with the back seat of the car. This decreases the hazards you face in keeping the sanitizer bottle in your car or taxi. Moreover, as it avoids touch so it is more suitable to be used by more people travelling in the car. As most of the people hesitate using sanitizer because someone else may has touched the bottle. So, they still find the risk of catching germs even after sanitizing the hands. The automatic sanitizer dispenser eliminates this threat too. It also decreases the instances of wasting away the sanitizer or using more than the actual need. Hence, this automatic sanitizer dispenser is admirable in all these ways.

Why PuriRide?

PuriRide is the company which provides you with the worthwhile sanitizer dispensers in an affordable price range. It supplies with two products for the car or cab you are driving, one fits in the back seat of the car and the other one fits in near the driver. So, you can drive safely within your budget, while using PuriRide’s automatic sanitizer dispensers in your car or taxi.