Q. Does the automated Dispenser sense and trigger when you brush past it with a body part?

A. The automated dispenser has been designed and engineered to only dispense when your hand is within 2cm and under the sensor for 1 second.

Q. Why is my device not dispensing?

A. The backend tube could be blocked and have a kink in the tube. As a prevention method, it’s recommended to regularly check this area of the Dispenser to ensure the tube is straightened. Alternatively, the tube could have air pockets in it, press the tube a few times to get the liquid moving and start priming process. The Dispenser should work.

Q. Will the Sanitizer have residual droppings?

A. The automated Dispenser has a uniquely designed nozzle to absorb any left over residual of Sanitizer, this ensures the Sanitizer is captured at the top of the nozzle and no residual droppings.

Q. Will the Sanitizer drop onto my carpet or dashboard?

A. You must ensure your hand is correctly placed 2cm under the nozzle for 1 second, do not remove your hand until 2ml of Sanitizer is dispensed before removing your hand. This instruction must be followed otherwise the Sanitizer will unintentionally trigger.

Q. Why do I have to prime my machine every day?

A. The automated Dispenser will perform differently in different types of climates, having alcohol-based Sanitizer in heat and cool for extended periods will influence its performance in the Dispenser. Therefore, the Dispenser will require daily re-priming with varying numbers of priming times for different Dispensers being the accepted norm.

Q. Can I refill my cartridges and reuse the same cartridges in my automated dispenser?

A. Upon completion of the Sanitizer cartridge, it is recommended to dispose of the recyclable cartridge and to purchase the PuriRide replaceable cartridges that are specially designed and made for the automated dispenser. Using a different sanitizer may affect the performance damage of the device and will void the warranty.

Q. How long will my AA batteries last before they need to be changed over?

A. Each customer will purchase different types of batteries for their device, these batteries last for different durations dependent on type and brand. We recommend high quality batteries for the best performance of the Dispenser. The sensor light will show red when the battery is low, indicating your batteries will need to be changed over to new ones.

Q. How many dispenses will I receive per cartridge?

A. The Backseat cartridge holds 800ml of sanitizer and dispenses 400 times per cartridge, the Air vent cartridge holds 200ml and dispenses 100 times per cartridge. • Dispenser unit Parts

Q. Can I refill my cartridges?

A. It is strongly recommended not to refill the Dispenser cartridges with any other brand other than PuriRide, the sanitizer is specially designed for the Dispenser and its optimal performance. Dispose of finished cartridges and replace with PuriRide replaceable cartridges