PuriRide products- A possibility of a Covid-free ride

As suggested by World Health Organization, there is the possibility that COVID may never be wiped out from the World; people will eventually learn to live with it as the new normal. Keeping that in mind, it is top of mind to avoid COVID as much as possible. Interaction with people outside is the primary risk factor of COVID interactions. For such purpose, various precautionary measures are suggested by WHO, including the use of masks, sanitizers, isolation, avoiding public contacts, and maintaining social distancing.

Transportation being part of everyday life has resulted in spreading COVID at a very rapid rate, as health departments first closed the transport facilities across the World.  People do not bother to sanitize in personal and public transports; then the scenario becomes worse when it comes to public transportation, either wearing masks or maintaining social distancing the travellers even infect those taking precautionary measures. To avoid that emerging risk of infection, PuriRide being the saviour of the day, offers COVID effective products such as automatic contactless sanitizers for cars. Now the possibility of minimal interaction while sanitizing the travellers is eradicated as PuriRide has touch-free sanitizers too.

Why PuriRide Products?

The PuriRide products, including Air Vent and Back Seat sanitizers, are

  • Readily available from the e-commerce store
  • Not allergic to the skin
  • Contactless
  • Moderate consistency neither thick nor watery sanitizer
  • It can be fixed easily in cars for ease of use

Why PuriRide Automatic Car Sanitizers?

As we all know, COVID has caused vast destruction in the World, affecting everyone physically, emotionally and psychologically. Also, people keep with them their manual personal sanitizers. Also, the economy has faced massive impacts too, so people go for cheap but effective products for their safety. PuriRide knowing that no one can avoid ical interactions with people outside and in cars, introduced different Sanitizers as the best possible products. Soweto lower People can wear masks and avoid interaction, but it is tough to prevent the use of your hands daily. But PuriRide has made it possible by introducing touch-free sanitizers and automatic sanitizers to solve the problem outdoors and in cars.

Use of Automatic and Touch-free Sanitizers in Personal and Public Transport

Automatic and touch-free sanitizers must be taken as essentials for every ride in this COVID era. Air vent sanitizers are for the people sitting at the front passenger and the driving seats. Transport has high risks of spreading the virus, just as much as public transport. Public vehicles, including local buses of schools, colleges, universities, offices, and rideshare, lack facilities like masks, sanitizers, gloves, social distancing, and even have no proper air ventilation system and are at higher risks of spreading infection.  PuriRide has been offering car-friendly and effective Automatic touch-free sanitizers, so it will be possible for public transport to have lower fares to provide even a layperson with a COVID-free ride. As the economy has been badly affected by the COVID, PuriRide’s products have eradicated the need to give every person with individual sanitizers that will cost more. The health of everyone is equally important, and no compromise should be made on it. Survival is now based on precautionary measures, so car-friendly products have made the safest possible for everyone travelling either in public or in personal transport a much safer experience.

Use of Back-seat Sanitizers in the Cars

The Back-seat sanitizers even reduce the contact among travellers even in personal or public transport. Handing the sanitizer to the person sitting next to you and cross-contaminating and so on. is not needed now as it was a dangerous practice. When it comes to the most used transport nowadays, including cabs or rideshare, even these rides can offer a COVID – the free journey; these companies can use the PuriRide back-seat sanitizers for their customers. Technology has advanced a lot; now, the fear of COVID is lessening day by day. The products mentioned above have also tried to eradicate the fear among the people to travel fearlessly wherever they want by fixing their cars air-vent and back seat.

PuriRide Products Inculcating Confidence and Eradicating Fear of Corona among the Travelers

The fear of COVID has confined people to their homes, and people only go out when necessary. With the advancement in technology, COVID does not need to be feared now, as the car products like automatic or air vents and back seat sanitiser dispensers have given people the confidence to run their errands without fear of COVID anymore. Taking precautionary measures as suggested by WHO and using the PuriRide products in the cars can wipe out the maximum possibility of getting an infection.