Reasons why Covid-19 increased in India and how we can save ourselves by avoiding those causes

Covid-19 has been a bigger and unpredictable threat as a world we are facing. The world has seen many epidemics, but this pandemic is one of the deadliest. Its spread rate is very unique and gruesome. Till now the whole world has seen many variants for instance, the UK variant, Brazil variant and the South African variant. But the deadliest of all is this new Indian variant. This variant's mutation and infection rate is higher than others and is asymptomatic. Daily, India is reporting 300000+ cases and it’s death toll is growing.

Where in various countries across the whole world are in strict lockdown, Indians were busy in observing their traditional "Kumbh Mela". The ignorance and negligence on the government's part and on the people’s, part have been the sole reason of this catastrophic destruction. This has also considered the unprecedented oxygen shortage and medical system of India is already on the brink. People are dying on roads even after knowing how deadly this virus is, no precautions are considered. The only reason for this destruction is the lack of education and awareness.

India is one of the largest populations in the world with 1 billion people. For this traditional and cultural fest, people travelled from faraway places just to take part in procession of this religious fest. People were unaware of the fact that they may get or transmit this deadly virus among each other through contact. Most people used public transportation and rideshares which proved to be the sole reason of virus transmission at such a large scale.

What would have stopped this?

What might have helped them fight the threat and fear?

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