Travelling Made Easier!

The pandemic has changed the world. In this Covid-19 threat looming over us, our minds and bodies are put under lockdown. We can’t go out and enjoy our carefree days, but life must go on. Can we stay indoors? We must attend to daily chores such groceries, medicines, and mundane activities. A lot of people can’t afford the luxuries of life like having their means of transportation, and they have to rely on passenger transport like rideshare or taxis.  

This life-threatening virus has confined everyone in homes but one has to get out of it for different purposes. Even life-saving ambulances services need to have some proper guidelines to save others while keeping their own lives out of danger. Sanitizers and hygiene play a vital role in keeping oneself safe from getting affected by the virus. This virus is highly contagious and can spread very easily through:  

  • Touch
  • Contaminated Air

To fight these two dangers, the sanitization industry has taken their invention to next level, and to cater to these two hazards invented modern yet handy and affordable devices to reduce the threat. The two magical devices which have changed the lives for good are must-haves for everyone.

The most commonly used transportation in times of emergency are:

  • Personal cars
  • Public Transport and Rideshare
  • Taxis
  • Ambulances/ Health care units
  • Police vehicles

Two devices that can make your traveling safer and carefree

These modern devices can help fight the danger of diseases and germs. The air vent is installed on the dashboard of your car. As in personal transport one has to travel with other family members and in rideshare or taxis you may have to travel with a person you may not have met, this can give you a sigh of relief that the PuriRide Automated Air Vent Hand Sanitizer and Automated Back Seat Hand Sanitizer Dispensers is looking after you from the front and backseat experiences ensuring your safety upon every entry and exit.

The world has seen some unpredictable times in this pandemic, and another major was environmental that air around us having unseen viruses and particles.  To fight this anxiety of dust and pollution, the PuriRide Automated Air Vent Hand Sanitizer will look after you while you are traveling either in your car, taxi or rideshare. Likewise, to maximize the sanitization, PuriRide Automated Back Seat Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is an accessory for your transport to keep yourself sanitized and safe.

These two products are quite affordable and are life-saving. They can do the work of your bodyguard whenever you are out. Traveling has been made easier and reliable more than ever. These products are localized and available for personal and public use.

Just think, in an emergency you’ll need an ambulance? Still worried about hygiene?

These devices are like magical wands to cater to your needs. This will not only keep you safe but will propagate the message of hygiene to whoever it comes across. This will spread awareness that sanitization is the only way.    

In a rush, need groceries, and have to come in contact with vendors and sellers?

You can never know that person who is selling you groceries has already sanitized his/her hands or not? But you can make sure of your own because you don’t have to go anywhere but sit in your car and enjoy the luxury of having the PuriRide Automated Air Vent Hand Sanitizer Dispenser at the front while PuriRide Automated Back Seat Hand Sanitizer Dispenser will keep you safer and healthier and always remind that ‘Safety comes First’

You don’t have your car but have to use rideshare and have fears and doubts?

If your rideshare comes with having any of the two devices, feel free to ride while keeping your distance. This will make your rideshare experience fear-free. When people travel in rideshare or public transport, they can have anxious moements of dust and pollution and may touch their face and eyes unintentionally. These two will help passengers sanitize their hands upon entry and exit.

You have fears and we have the fearless guards to safeguard your interests.

The PuriRide Automated Air Vent Hand Sanitizer Dispenser at the front while PuriRide Automated Back Seat Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is your must-have ensuring you enjoy better and safer traveling experiences as one has to go out for one thing or another. These affordable yet handy gadgets will make your life easier by having the new experience of traveling with the best invention of this century!  

Both gadgets are quite easy to use and minimize the threat of transmission as it involves less touch working automatically, while reducing wastage. They are quite easy to install and refilled. Let’s have it for healthier and sophisticated traveling!